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Catalogue 2.0

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Goal & Mission
  • Student-centered learning, curriculum-based teaching

  • Coordinate subject-based reading program

  • Develop students’ information Literacy Competency through virtual learning environment.

  • Partnership with teachers to design information Literacy Competency syllabus.

  • Organize creative and diversify reading activities to cultivate the reading cultural of the school. 

  • Organize students librarian team to enrich students’ experience. 


Library Staff

Teacher Librarian:Mr To Ho Yan

Teacher-in-charge: Ms Wong Wai Fun, Ms Li Ching


School telephone:2714 4137

Library direct line:2246 6299


Library Resources

Library classification:

(Chinese) 中國(賴永祥)圖書分類法

(English) Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)


Catalog standard:



1. Library resourses (including reference books) - about 30,190 pieces;

2. Other media (including sound tracks, recording, CD ROM, DVD, digital media) - about 2004 pieces;

3. Magazines - about 2,666 pieces (50 types in total, 44 types are displayed on "Current issue book shelf" while the others are stored in "overdue bookshelf"); 

4. Others (including newspapers, special topic files, teachers’ reference, career and employment folders).


Last updated:2019-11-29

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