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Our Christian School

As a Christian school, we put great emphasis on character building and spiritual education. Students are educated to champion positive life values, to build personal faith through the imitation of Christ and to lead a joyful, meaningful and fulfilling life. The Department of Religious Education is responsible for cultivating the spirituality in our students.


School Chaplain

The Reverend Chan Kwok-keung


School Assistant Chaplain

Mr. Cheung Ka Lun


School Missionary Secretary

Mr. Cheung Tsz Yin         


Department head

Mr. Cheung Ka Lun


Teacher Members

Mr. Wong Wai Man

Mr. Lam Wai Sing

Ms. Lee Mei Yee

Ms. Liu Pui Yu

Mr. Chan Kin Lung

Ms. Tsoi Lai Kwan

Mr. Chow Ka Chun

Teacher-student Contest


Every year, a number of activities are held in the Gospel Month, enabling students to have a better understanding of the truth of God and bringing teachers and studentsare brought to a closer relationship as well as a better understanding of the truth of God. Together teachers and students, noticeably, participate in each event with great enjoyment.

Fellowship Gospel Camp


This is one of our annual events. Teachers and students can share their religious experiences with each other and build up a relationship of trust through a variety of activities including morning reading, bible reading, group games, stargazing, evangelical film watching and so on.

Bible Contest


The Bible is, irrefutably, the main source for attaining the words of God. Students can definitely have a more thorough understanding of this book through taking part in the contest.

Spiritual development


We introduce students to Christian beliefs through the curriculum of Religious Studies, Morning and Weekly Assemblies, Christian Fellowship and Services, Gospel Month, Inter-School Gospel Camp for graduates as well as Fellowship Gospel Camp. It is hoped that students can reflect on the nature and significance of their belief and therefore develop respect and appreciation for religion.

(lunchtime on every Tuesday)


With tremendous support from the Holy Trinity Cathedral as well as its ministry, we arrange various weekly activities for our students, spreading the gospel through inspiring stories, encouraging them to explore life and reflect their faith.

Gospel Month


“Gospel Month” is held in November and December every year. There is a series of activities in which students’ interest and longing for Christianity can be cultivated. Holy Trinity Cathedral would help to follow up and nurture the growth of the students who decide to follow Jesus in evangelical service. The church would also invite the students to participate in different meetings, leading them to live a Christian life in the church.

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