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Our Vision and Mission

School Vision

The vision of our school is to provide a Christian education that enables our students to imitate Christ. Students are educated to champion positive life values, to build personal faith and to lead a joyful, meaningful and fulfilling life.

We practice love one another and our Lord by striving to build a culture that is people-centered so as to nurture students to be caring individuals with a serving spirit. We offer quality education and develop students’ potentials in an all rounded way.


School Motto

“Wholeness and Holiness”


School Mission

1. To provide a pleasant and quality environment conducive to enhance the attitude, performance and potentials of students holistically, including spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetical aspects.


2. To become a student centered school that cultivates students’ interest in learning and self-learning ability in order to enhance learning effectiveness and meet the challenges of the contemporary society.


3. To cultivate our students’ sense of self-discipline and establish a school ethos that is simple and rigorous.


4. To foster students’ sense of belonging to the school and enhance their civic awareness so as to reinforce their identification and sense of responsibility of the society, nation and our race.

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