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Learning objectives for students

 1. Attitude

- To develop students’ interest in Biology as well as respect in all lives and the nature.

- To nurture students to be bold and observant learners with the mentality to frame scientific questions and investigate questions experimentally.

​ 2. Knowledge

- To foster students’ understanding of the nature of science.

- To help students establish clear conceptual knowledge of biology​.


 3. Skills

- To facilitate students in learning biology terms so that they can exchange views on biological issues.

- To cultivate the spirit of scientific inquiry, scientific thinking, critical thinking skills and creativity in students.

Activities of This Year

  1. Hong Kong Biology Olympiad

  2. PolyU Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (Biology)

  3. PolyU “Biotech, works!”

  4. Field Study in Mai Po Wetland

  5. Sai Kung “Tree Walk”

  6. A Study in Bacterial Community on School Campus

  7. Metamorphosis of Mealworm

  8. A Visit to Laboratories of Hong Kong Baptist University



Dissection of Mice

Dissection of Mice

Lab Tours at Local Univer

Lab Tours at Local Univer

Interschool Competitions

Interschool Competitions

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