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Sports Activities


We offer a variety of sports activities for students to join.

Boys’ Basketball Team


Our Boys’ Basketball team is a new founded team at school. We encourage our students to participate in regular training and inter-school competitions. Through regular and systematic training, our aim is to enhance the technique and skills of our students and nurture a positive attitude in our students.

Football Team


The school football team has an excellent track record.

Founded just a few years ago, we have been promoted from the Divison 3 to Division 1 within two years, and compete with the traditional football giants from other schools. Now we are one of top teams in Division 2 and we competed in Hong Kong Jing Ying Tournament.

Our football culture is strong and all our members are dedicated. The team has a lot of training opportunities. Apart from regular training, summer soccer camp are arranged regularly at Qingyuan to train with local teams there in order to improve the standard and skills of our team members.

Girls' Handball Team


Our Girls Handball Team is one of the longest serving school team at HTCSS. As one of the best teams in Hong Kong, we have established our reputation in Inter-School Handball Competition, Hong Kong Handball Jing Ying Tournament, Children 5-a-side Handball competition and Beach Handball. We were the champion of Inter-School Handball Competition for six consecutive years.

In these years, we have nurtured numerous of excellent handball players, some of them represented the Hong Kong team and the U16 Hong Kong team.

Track and Field Team


Our track and field team aims to enhance the students’ interest in doing athletics. Through regular training and competition, students learn how to work in a team, improve their physical fitness, and develop students' positive attitudes and values. Students have obtained many medals and have obtained excellent results in Inter-School Athletics Competitions.

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