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Life Education


We provide utmost care to each of our students. Class building scheme and Mentorship Scheme have been put into practice throughout each form, offering comprehensive care that caters for students’ individual needs through the collaboration of class teachers, subject teachers, nurturing masters, counseling head, social workers and educational psychologists. Students are encouraged to uphold positive values, face challenges in their life, develop the sense of responsibility, adversity quotient, perseverance spirit, interpersonal competence, and positive attitudes.


Our school values the cultivation of students’ sense of discipline, conscience and integrity, including their appearance and character. We integrate counseling and discipline, along with distinct rewarding system and punishment measures. In addition, a number of encouragement and rehabilitation schemes are designed for the healthy development of students in the environment of love and order.


To inspire students with the spirit of life exploration, the “Life Education Committee” was established, adopting real life experience as learning material. The regular “form meeting”, on the other hand, facilitates the class building and class-based activities. Together teachers and students come up with class routines and goals, cultivating nice class spirit as well as reinforcing students’ sense of belonging and promote the learning environment with peer support. The close connection with parents also well informs them with their children’s in-school situation.


Task force is formed to coordinate subject activities and different departments, organizing affairs of life education and “healthy campus”, welcoming any activities to enhance students’ adversity quotient, foster positive values and explore meaning of life. Measures include in-school lunch for form one and form three students, discipline training, Moral and Civil Education, environmental protection activities, sex education and social health nurturing. More are equally important: campus and community patrol, parents volunteer service, case meeting, case transfer and follow up, “seedling scheme”, rehabilitation scheme, volunteer service, “TOP TEEN” training program, teacher-respect compaign, “love supper”, overseas and domestic exchange programs and so on.

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