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Our school puts great importance on providing a balanced whole person development Life Education program for our students. This enables them to excel in many areas, including physical, psychological and spiritual aspects.


In terms of language achievement, our school excels in creating a thriving writing and reading culture on campus. Our students have won numerous academic awards over the years, including China’s Top Ten Star Author Award, championship in Solo Verse Speaking in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (both Chinese and English language) as well as open writing competitions in Hong Kong.


Our students are also gifted in Mathematics. They have been selected to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition as well as the Olympics Mathematics Competition.


Students’ excellent performance in sports is another highlight of our school. Our Girls Handball Team and Boys Football Team have won numerous championships in territory wide competitions. Our students are Hong Kong sports representatives in international competitions and also recipients of the Hong Kong Student Sports Award.

Student Leaders

Student Union學生會_2022-2023.JPG
Student Union

Student Union is a student organization elected democratically by all students. In addition to being a bridge between the students and the school for the students, students in the Student Union are involved in the planning and organizing students’ activities, to help schoolmates develop a sense of responsibility, team spirit, civic awareness, explore their potentials, build relationships and to showcase their leadership talents. In the process of participating in these activities, students learn mutual respect, enhance understanding of individual rights and obligations among groups, distinguish right from wrong so as to build a better character, higher ethical standards and adopt a positive attitude towards life.

Student Prefects學生長團隊_2022-2023.DSC03821.JPG
Student Prefects


School Prefects are elite students who excel in conduct and academic studies and are nominated and elected by teachers. They help other students to observe school rules, establish a habit of self-discipline and build a school ethos that celebrates simplicity.



The School Prefect Team has around 60 members, and its Exco members consist of a Head Prefect, two Assistant Head Prefect and 8 Team Heads.



Our school has a long-established house system which aims to foster a sense of belonging to the school across different forms.


The four houses, Simon, Anna, Martha and Paul, are symbolised by different colours, namely Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.



Led by senior form student leaders, they encourage friendships amongst students through cheering on sports day and various inter-form activities.

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