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Community Service Activities

Our school has held a lot of moral and civic education activities that aim at developing and fostering student’s positive values and attitude. The activities embody a holistic approach related to values development, such as sex education, environmental protection and ethical education.

250th Scout


We have 33 student members at the moment. In the past, many of our 250th Kowloon Group Scout obtained the highest level of Scout awards.

Last year, our student Kwan Sin Yu obtained the Chief Scout Award.


To operate an education movement for young people providing them with challenging and progressive training programmes for their physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and aesthetic development.

Community Youth Club


This year, CYC has 74 student members. This community service group seeks to enhance students’ sense of civic responsibility through charity work such as selling charity flags, visits and other activities. Our slogan is "understanding, caring, service".

Girl Guides


We are the 84th West Kowloon Coy Girl Guides.We provide opportunities for our members to develop their personal potentials, self-respect and enhance their self-confidence .The Girl Guides organizes "the Eight Point Programme" in which members enjoy outdoor activities and stay healthy. We seek to cultivate our girls’ independent thinking through participating in social services, explore arts and learn domestic skills. In the process of observing Girl Guides Rules and participating in fun activities, our members learn to get along with others.

Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit No.235


Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit No.235 was established on 2002. There are 37 students as their members in this year. As the members of International Red Cross Youth, our members show the attitude and ability to protect human life, care for the health of the vulnerable and respect human dignity after regular training and various courses provided by the unit.

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