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Department of Counselling and Guidance

Objectives for students:

  • To help students to develop their self-understanding and self-awareness

  • To help students to develop healthy self-image

  • To improve students’ social skills and social effectiveness

  • To help new students adapt to the school life

  • To help students to cope with their developmental problems

  • To organize developmental and preventive programmes

  • To help students to explore and maximize their potential

  • To develop and implement Life Education

Big Brother and Big Sister Project (BBBS)


F.1 students are new family members in our school. In order to help the S.1 students adapt to the new school life, BBBS has arranged some senior form students to help the S.1 students to get used to the new school life in academic and social life aspects

"TOP-TEEN" Teenager Leadership Training Project (TLTP)


The aim of TLTP is to develop students who have leadership potentials. We aim to groom the students to understand themselves; encourage students to have a positive outlook towardslife and train students to build up team spirit to become a good leader. After TLTP, students have a chance to hold a post at school to practice what they have learned in TLTP

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