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Learning objectives for students:
Knowledge and understanding
  1. economic terminology and concepts, as well as elementary economic theories

  2. basic economic problems faced by every individual and society, and alternative approaches to tackling these problems

  3. the considerations and forces underlying the economic decisions that need to be taken by individuals, firms, institutions and governments



Students will develop skills to:

  1. interpret economic information presented in verbal, numerical or graphical form

  2. apply their economic knowledge to a variety of problems and issues in a range of economic contexts;

  3. analyse information through the use of economic concepts and theories;

  4. evaluate information, arguments, proposals and policies from different economic perspectives and make informed judgements

  5. communicate economic ideas and informed judgements, in a clear, logical and appropriate form


Values and attitudes

Students will develop values and attitudes so that they may:

  1. participate as informed persons in the discussion of economic issues and decision- making

  2. become active and responsible citizens and contribute to the well-being of the local community, the nation and the world

Inter-school Competition on Economics Concepts in Cartoon


To arouse students’ interest in Economics and to provide a first-hand experience in the learning of the subject concepts by doing, the subject had the S4 and S5 students joined the competition on Economics Concepts in Cartoon, organized by Hong Kong Association of Economics Education. The results were encouraging. Three prizes were won, namely, the Second-runner-up and two Merits. After all, students found the competition exciting and the learning of Economics interesting.


Picture in the left:First Prize Work in both the Certificate Section and among all Competiting Works「Inter-school Competition on Economics Concepts in Cartoon」

Cross-subject Collaboration Activity between Economics and Geography


Providing an invaluable opportunity to enrich the learning experience and to enlighten minds of hundreds, students of both Economics and Geography streams of our school had joined hands in the Cross-subject three-day-exhibition of Economics and Geography on the topic of ‘The inter-relationship between Environment and Society’, at the school hall, in last May. This is the first time to have such event of this nature ever organized for and participated by students acoss subjects, as well as, across S2 to S6 levels of our school. Both the participants and the exhibition-goers found it worth-participating. Exhibition of this nature helps learning of both subjects.

Cross-subject Collaboration Activity between Economics and BAFS


To extend the exposure and to expand the horizon of our students, both S6 Economics and BAFS students were encouraged to participate in Student Seminar on ‘The Story Behind HK$ 7.8’, ‘The Use of Credit Card’, and ‘Identification of Counterfeit Banknotes’, organized by Hong Kong Monetary Authority, on Nov., 26, after school. Students of both streams found the seminar interesting and beneficial.

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