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Learning objectives for students
  1. To provide every student with the opportunity to develop the maximum degree of functional competence in English.

  2. To foster a balanced development of students’ abilities in mastering the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and understanding English, given the constraints of inherit in the situation.

  3. To develop an ever-improving capability of using English: to think and communicate, to acquire, develop and apply knowledge, to respond and give expression to experience.

  4. To develop and apply an ever-increasing understanding of how language is organized, used and learnt.

Monthly activity


Each month we hold different major English activites for the whole school based on different themes, sometimes corresponding to the festivals. For example, Christmas Celebration was held in December and Learning Chinese Culture in January. We also have other fun themes, such as Sports and Food Festival. Students learn English in a fun way through taking part in the games or activities at the game booths organized either in the school hall or in the playground.

English Week – Cooking ABC


English week is the highlight of the year as a large number of fun activities are arranged in the English Week, which actually lasts for a fortnight. Students are bound to find something they love in this array of events including the quieter film shows, drama performances and English Café to the more exciting competitions of all kinds such as Tongue Twister Competition and Poem Recitation Competition. Cooking ABC organized by Towngas is just one of the most popular events in the week.

Oxbridge Summer Camp for S4 and S5


The camps are staffed with volunteers, native English tutors from renowned Oxford and Cambridge universities (together Oxbridge) and local volunteers as teaching assistants from local universities. Students’ English is enhanced through interesting and engaging educational activities such as fashion show and mini Olympics.

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