Infomation and Computer Studies
Panel Head

Ms. Dao Oi Ming


Ms. Chan Ting Fong 

Mr. Ho Chung Man
Mr. Kao Kai Wah
Mr. Lam Wai Sing
Mr. Wong Kin Ka
Mr. Wong Wai Man 

Mr. Yuen Tak Cheong


Learning objectives for students
  1. To cultivate students' interest in learning and mastering computer skills

  2. To empower students' logical thinking ability through programming practice and application in daily life

  3. To demonstrate the development of information technology, including data processing mode, the basic structure and mode of operation of the computer, etc

  4. To cultivate students' interest in self-learning by using the Internet sources

  5. To assist the learning in other subjects using computer. To empower students’ skills in web surfing

World Maths Day


Arouse students’ interest in learning through participation in the competition in world Maths day. (Cooperate with Mathematics Department)

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