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Life and Society and Citizenship and Social Development


Panel Head

Ms Liu Pui Yu


Vice-panel Head

Mr Lam Tsz Fung



Mr Ho Siu Long

Mr Lui Cheuk Wa

Mr To Ho Yan

Mr Yung Wai Wa

  1.  Enhance understanding of society, the country, the human world, the physical environment and related knowledge;

  2. Develop multiple perspectives on contemporary mature topics in different contexts (e.g. cultural, social, economic, political and technological contexts);

  3. Become independent thinkers; be able to adapt to the ever-changing personal, social, national and global circumstances and construct knowledge; understand the complexities of the topics, and the challenges and processes involved in decision-making for making law-abiding, rational and affective analysis, and learning how to handle conflicting values;

  4. Inherit Chinese culture and heritage in a pluralistic society, deepen understanding and sense of identity of individuals with Chinese nationality and Chinese citizenship, and at the same time appreciate, respect and embrace diversity in cultures and views;

  5. Develop skills relevant to life-long learning and strengthen their ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, including critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, data management skills, self-management skills, self-learning skills, and information technology skills;

  6. Develop positive values and attitudes towards life, so that they can become informed and responsible citizens of society, the country and the world;

  7. To develop a positive self understanding in students, and enhance their competence in meeting daily and future challenges, and pursuing their goals and aspirations;

  8. To enable students to make decisions for the optimal use of personal and community resources;

  9. To enable students to become informed and responsible citizens to contribute to the development of a caring and just society;

  10. To cultivate their sensitivity, interest and concern for local, national and global issues.


Subject Activities :
  1. S4 Tai O Local Cultural Study Tour

  2. S5 Mainland Study Tour

  3. S6 Information Literacy Workshop

  4. Online Quiz Competition on Basic Law

  5. Online Quiz Competition on Constitution Law

  6. Slogan Design Competition on National Day

  7. West Kowloon Magistrates' Courts Visit

  8. Po Leung Kuk Museum Visit

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Inherit Chinese culture


In order to spread Chinese culture, our school’s Form 4 and Form 5 students have practiced and passed on China’s fine culture and customs through workshops and visits locally and in the Mainland.

Debate Team


In order to train students' debating skills and enhance their general abilities, the Department of Citizenship and Social Development is committed to developing student debate teams so that students can apply what they have learned.

Self-regulated learning


In order to cultivate students' mastery of self-study skills, improve students' higher-order thinking and problem-solving abilities, self-regulated learning is promoted in lessons such as Life and Society and Citizenship and Social Development.

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