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Life and Society/ Liberal Studies/ Citizenship and Social Development 


Learning objectives for students
  1. To deepen understanding of one’s self, society, nation, humanities and the environment

  2. To apply multi-faceted and critical analysis in different scenarios, using the sociological, economic, cultural, political and technological approaches

  3. To nurture independent thinkers and enable them to construct their own knowledge with regard to the ever-changing environments of the world and their own selves

  4. To develop life-long learning skills, including critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving tactics, communications skills and IT competencies

  5. To appreciate and respect diversified values in a cosmopolitan society as well as to handle dilemmas when there are conflicting values

  6. To establish positive values and vigorous attitude so as to nurture them to become responsible global citizen


Liberal Studies Events Month
  1. “You and I are responsible for environmental protection” Photography Competition

  2. Morning News Share

  3. The Legislative Council Visiting

  4. Real Estate Hegemony Crossover Monopoly Competition

  5. Modern Chinese Online Quiz Competition

  6. 2014 Taiwan Environment and Conservation Study Tour

Inter-Secondary School Liberal Studies Quiz Competition


Our S6 students participated in the Inter-Secondary School Liberal Studies Quiz Competition organized by the Hong Kong Playground Association and was awarded the first-runner up in the "HKPA Liberal Studies Medal Contest" and the 4th place in the "HKPA Liberal Studies Trophy Contest".

Talk delivered by Dr. Lee Lok Sze, Rebecca on "Environmental Conservation – Action speaks louder than words in environment protection"


For the sake of broadening students' horizons, the Liberal Studies team always invites the in-service professionals to interact with our students. During the talk, Dr. Lee shared her vision and insights of her explorations at the South Pole, of which the students had benefited a lot therein.

GO and Achieve the GOAL!


Through hands on making experience of organic skincare products, students could understand how to put environmental conservation ideologies into practice and express their concerns of the needy ones in our community, so that they help others and help oneself.

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