Panel Head

Mr. Lui Wai Chung 


Assistant Panel Head

Ms. Tsui Yuen Yee



Ms. Chan Yi Ching

Ms. Yu Sin Wa

Mr. Cheung Ming Hong

Mr. Chu Hon Ming

Mr. Chung Wai

Mr. Ho Yau Sing

Mr. Kao Kai Wah

Mr. Lam Tsz Fung

Mr. Lam Wai Sing

Mr. Wong Wai Man


Learning objectives for students
  1. To cultivate the interest of students in Mathematics

  2. To train the students’ logical thinking and develop their deductive reasoning skills

  3. To enhance the students’ understanding of the application of mathematics in daily life

  4. To build the students’ mathematical foundation for further development

Mathematics IQ quiz


This activity, divided into junior and senior section, is held five times a year. Students participate enthusiastically.

Training class for mathematics competition


Three of S3 students and three of S2 students are selected to join the training. Five of them took part in the HK Youth Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest 2014 on January 25.

Rummikub competition


We have organized with the chess club, 14 students took part in the competition.